Jane Blackstone, Jazz Educator

Two for the Road

Creating a collaborative umbrella for singers and musicians as they smooth the verbal highway to each other’s musical understanding

A workshop designed for jazz vocalists, actors who sing, and other artists of the spoken word. To help vocalists work together confidently within a common language with musicians is the key.

Ms. Blackstone: “for the purpose of this class, we are talking about ‘personal’ sound within a small duo, trio or quartet setting. Sound and time can lead you to ‘expression,’ and in jazz, expression does exist within a certain structure.

There are many sounds in Jazz – smoky, bright, light and airy, crisp and strong, fluid, etc. Let’s take some time to listen to some great jazz singers and their unique vocal sound quality…then link it to ‘time’ (rhythm) ~ and then to ‘structure.’”

“I am writing to recommend a remarkably gifted educator and artist in the fields of jazz and popular music, Jane Blackstone. She is also an experienced performer having performed in many different venues internationally. She has great sight into jazz and pop styles, and is also effective in developing music appreciation with students having little to no background in music. She is an effective and understanding communicator with great passion and energy that often results in motivating and inspiring people in classes and workshops. Jane Blackstone is a strong, outgoing personality who is cooperative and congenial. She is always well prepared and thorough in her approach to workshops, teaching situations, production activities and performance. She is a consummate professional who freely shares her experience and knowledge with others.“

Dr. John V. Gilbert, Associate Director of Music Education, Director of Impact, NYU Steinhardt